Wideband Conversion Harness

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Unitronic is pleased to present it's plug and play Wideband ECU Conversion Harness. Designed to easily convert your vehicle's wiring harness to accept a wideband oxygen sensor and Bosch 1.8T Wideband ECU.

Narrowband ECU's do not have the ability to provide dynamic lambda control therefore many tuners including Unitronic require converting to a wideband ECU for a better tuning experience and overall improved drive-ability.

Including complete detailed instructions Unitronic's Wideband Conversion Harnesses are constructed using OEM connectors high quality 16awg and 22awg wire and feature pin-out labeling to ensure a easy and efficient installation. For non-VVT equipped engines a resistor is also pre-wired to ensure a CEL free operation. Guaranteed to always be in stock and priced competitively!
More Information
  • OEM/Tyco Connectors
  • High quality 16awg and 22awg wire
  • Pin-out labels on wire ends to ensure fast and easy install
  • Includes resistor for non-VVT equipped 1.8T's
  • Hardware Included
  • Unitronic Wideband ECU Conversion Harness
  • Install SpecificationsUnitronic's Wideband ECU Conversion Harness is built using only the highest quality materials to ensure it outlasts the life of your vehicle. Pin-out labeling on the wire ends coupled with Unitronic's Installation Instructions should make the install fast and easy!